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Mafarka the futurist is the story of Mafarka-el-Bar, an African warlord who overthrows his oppressive uncle in a violent civil war. Set in an imagined nation in an imaginary Africa, Mafarka weaves a surreal orientalist tapistry of heat, filth and lust from which emerges the titular Mafarka, a true futurist hero who’s superhuman struggle to reinvent the world in his image eventually leads him to his greatest, final act: the birth of a mechanical winged over-man to transcends humanity itself.

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Witten after a six month stay in the United States as a visiting professor, America Against America asks how a country as young as the United States can achieve such incredible affluence and power. In answering this question, Wang Huning visits “more than thirty cities and nearly twenty universities” and consults a wide range of people, from Harvard professors to Amish farmers. First published in 1990, America Against America has never before been available for English Audiences.

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