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Gilles, by Pierre Drieu la Rochelle

Best known in the English speaking world for his book Le Feu Follet, which has been adopted into several films, Pierre Drieu la Rochelle considered the semi-autobiographical Gilles to be his greatest work. The literary critic Gaëtan Picon wrote that Gilles “is, without any doubt, one of the greatest novels of the century—and one of those books in which the disarming sincerity of a man rises to the grandeur usually reserved to literary transpositions.”


Travels in Algeria, by Alexis de Tocqueville

Two narratives describing the effects of colonialism and modernity when imposed from outside on an unwilling people. The twin impulses to stay and fight, or to flee and preserve, and how it seizes suddenly whole populations of people and subjects them at once to violence and anarchy. Together, both are intended to provide a holistic view of the experiences, the aspirations, the quiet sufferings, and the triumphs of different populations living on the periphery of colonial societies.


Asian Odyssey, by Dmitri Alioshin *COMING SOON*

Asian Odyssey is a lyrical novel, describing in detail the horror and madness of civil war. Starting his career as a White soldier in the army of General Graves, Alioshin soon finds himself being thrown from one conflict to another until he is eventually enlisted, on threat of death, in the army of Baron Ungern-Sternberg.


America Against America, by Wang Huning *COMING SOON*

Witten after a six month stay in the United States as a visiting professor, America Against America asks how a country as young as the United States can achieve such incredible affluence and power. In answering this question, Wang Huning visits "more than thirty cities and nearly twenty universities" and consults a wide range of people, from Harvard professors to Amish farmers. First published in 1990, America Against America has never before been available for English Audiences.


Mafarka the futurist, by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti *COMING SOON*

F.T. Marinetti's first novel, Mafarka the futurist, was initially published in Paris to broad critical acclaim. When it was later translated into Italian and published in Milan however, Marinetti was quickly brought before court and charged with obscenity and distributing pornography.

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