Dialogue between Xenophon and Socrates

Once a mercenary
Seeking to cultivate himself
Sought council from a pimp
Infamous for his wickedness;
What is virtue?
"To know yourself"
What is justice?
"To know good from bad"
What is knowledge?
"To know that you know nothing"
How does one become rich?
"By living austerely,
spending only what is necessary,
and guarding the rest."
How should a king behave?
"He should increase the wealth
and virtue of his kingdom,
avoiding that which decreases it."
How should a man behave?
"As though holding tightly
the reigns of a trained warhorse,
always ready for battle."
And of those who heard this,
the clever spoke of religion
and the earnest spoke of politics,
but the wisest among them,
a cobbler, said nothing,
and he made excellent shoes.