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Gilles, by Pierre Drieu la Rochelle

Best known in the English speaking world for his book Le Feu Follet, which has been adopted into several films, Pierre Drieu la Rochelle considered the semi-autobiographical Gilles to be his greatest work.

Yojimbo | Akira Kurosawa

Every month we will host a film from the public domain. This months selection is Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo.

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[Will] Self writes. "But whereas the latter novel won a Prix Goncourt in 1933 and has never been out of print in English, Gilles has never even been translated." (A serialised English translation by Tikhanov Library is currently being published.)

Mia Levitin (2023), “The Fire Within — existentialism avant la lettre?”, Financial Times, December 12th

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The trial of F.T. Marinetti

F.T. Marinetti's first novel, Mafarka the futurist, was initially published in Paris to broad critical acclaim. When it was later translated into Italian and published in Milan however, Marinetti was quickly brought before court and charged with obscenity and distributing pornography.

Aldus Manutius and the Aldine Press

Through his tireless effort, Aldus would revolutionize the publishing industry and lay the necessary groundwork for the Renaissance, modern democracy, and the bourgeoisie revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Alexis de Tocqueville's notes on Islam

The following is a series of notes that Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about the Islamic religion. They were written in 1839 during the ongoing French colonization of Algeria, and describe Tocqueville’s attempts to understand Islam from a western-european perspective.

Dialogue between Xenophon and Socrates

Once a mercenary
Seeking to cultivate himself
Sought council from a pimp
Infamous for his wickedness;

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Every month we will host a public domain movie. The movie for June is Yojimbo by Akira Kurosawa


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